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In 2014 we begin an experiment of monthly Celtic Evensong Services.  The last Sunday evening of each month at 7:00 pm we gather with neighbors, friends and strangers for a service of active prayer and meditation.  When these Services fall on the 5th Sunday we begin with a simple meal and conversation at 6:00 pm.   See our invitations on Meet-up, Facebook or on our Up Coming Events page of this website.

Advent / Christmas/ Epiphany - The Church Year Begins at the end of November or first week of December, the darkest times of the year.  As we await Jesus coming, we prepare to celebrate the gift of incarnation -- God dwelling with us--in Jesus of Nazareth.  Waiting and preparing gives way to our celebration of being a "visited people" and our contemplation of  God's dwelling in us today.  Epiphany brings us to sharing of that gift of good  news with all the world.  Lighting the Advent Candles, Greening the Sanctuary, Sharing the Story of this season  though dramatic and visual arts and song, and a Christmas Eve Candlelight communion service are cherished traditions.

Baptism of Jesus & the Season of our Calling to Discipleship- Jesus' baptism is an iconic act of God's solidarity with humanity. This season we focus on the stories of scripture that highlight God's calling to all people.  Call and response forms a persistent pattern in worship and in  our life of discipleship.  Each of us is invited to seek God's calling for our work, relationships, and for our building a community here and now. 

Lent / Passion Week / Easter- Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of Lent as we share a simple meal in the evening,  and share the ashes that remind us of our mortality. The invitation to the observance of a holy lent  is about intentionality -- not a morbid or somber season. The Parade of Palm & Passion Sunday, Jesus' meal with friends on Maundy Thursday, Good Friday reflections, Easter Vigil and the celebration of the Resurrection on Easter morning each shares a part of the story of God's self-giving love that confronts power with forgiveness and grace. The seven weeks of Easter lead us deeper into the knowledge of the resurrection and prepare us to receive  God's Spirit.  We celebrate as disciples the realization that, "Goodness is stronger than evil, Love is stronger that hate, Light is stronger than darkness, Life is stronger that death, "and the sure knowledge that, "Victory is ours through God who in Christ loves us."

Pentecost and the Season of Growing in Faith and Practice- With the winds of Spirit blowing through locked doors to emboldened Christ's followers and give birth to the Church, we too join God efforts as we witness and grow in faith under the guidance of God's Holy Spirit. The red & white of Pentecost remind us of the Spirit through symbols of flames and dove.  The Summer schedule at CHPC is rich with a variety of guest  musicians as  the Choir takes time off.  Our Hospitality time finds us out on the front  porch in the nice weather surrounded in the glory of creation.   

Summer on the Lawn- We gather from time to time in the summer under the trees on the grounds of the church and remember how stories of faith have been told for thousands of years in settings such as this.  Our grounds speak of the glory of God in the whispering of the wind in the trees, in the feast for the eyes, in the rain gardens that remind us that God proclaimed creation, “Good.”  

World Communion Sunday- The first Sunday of October is a celebration of the 

Lord's Supper in which we lift up our unity with the Church worldwide.  It is our custom to receive an offering for peacemaking  that day and to designate a project in the life of the congregation dedicated to celebrating our calling to be peacemakers. 

All Saints Day- We remember those who have died within our community and 

celebrate our continued bonds with those past, present, and future in the Communion of Saints.

Reign of Christ Sunday- Each year we close of our church calendar with reflection 

on our stewardship and how we might live in light of God's providence and sovereignty.