Children's Programs

Nurturing our young people in the household of God.

Jesus said,

     Let the little children come unto me

                  and forbid them not."

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Our ministry with children is a less programmed and more organic approach of nurturing of children in faith.  We do not have an age segregated approach to anything in the community.  Our young people are formed largely by being immersed in the life of the congregation.  We seek to bless children not only with knowledge about our faith, but we hope to offer each child the blessings of a relationship within the Body of Jesus Christ.  Spiritual formation invites us to offer ourselves to the guidance of God's Holy Spirit to the end that we would be formed in the pattern of Jesus who showed us the way to be truly human.  

Our planning for children currently includes:  

Dedicated Space ~ For children under age eight we provide a safe and healthy place in our Childrenís Classroom for children to grow in a sense of belonging under the leadership of a children's ministry team.  Child friendly spaces where the community gathers in the Sanctuary and Social Hall invite children to be with the community in our important activities.  Our childrenís library is full of books that are theologically and visually rich in both our ancient and contemporary understandings of faith.

Time of Wonder ~ Every child has a turn at leadership and sharing in worship over the course of time, pouring water into the baptismal font, lighting candles, reading scripture, providing music, and other emerging roles. Our Time of Wonder and Blessing invites children into the scriptures and themes being explored in the community of faith for the week and month in ways that are developmentally appropriate and connect them to members of the community.  Activity packets are available for the remainder of worship time for children whose families wish them to remain in the Sanctuary rather than join a continuation of wondering in the Activity Time in the Childrenís Classrooms.   Music activities are provided in worship and in our family fun days.

Worship with the Family of Faith ~ Children are sharing music, reading scripture, serving as Acolytes, participating in sharing Christís peace, wondering about our life in faith & being blessed by our congregation each week!  Children are welcome at Christís Table in our regular celebration of Communion. 

Learning & Practicing the Life of the Spirit Together ~ Families receive support and resources to support home activities and growing in faith as a family.  Weekly in Worship, Activity Time, in annually offered Overnight Retreats, & Family Activities we focus on Worship Arts, Bible Study, Prayer, and Acting Justly in the world God so loves...

With Our Service ~ Godís people of every age seek to show God's love and justice, our children participate in the: Souper Bowl Offering for Hunger, One Great Hour of Sharing, Peacemaking, and in the needs of the life in our congregation and neighborhood.  Our Exploring Music Leadership program is one way middle and high school age young people serve while learning professional music level skills ...

And Opportunities for LeadershipAt Baptism the church promises not only to nurture faith, but to recognize the ministry of children in the life of the church.  Our children assume leadership roles very early (by age 3!) and are included in all the areas of ministry in the congregation. Students needing Community Service/Engagement hours for their study programs work at the church as volunteer leaders in the church office, the gardens and in individually designed special projects.  We take time to recognize the ways God has always challenged us in the prophetís words, ďAnd a little child shall lead themĒ.  


Our children see us recognize that they are not

the future of the church, they are the church today!


      Blessings, Pastor Linda